Fostering Animals

I foster dogs. I do not foster cats because my own cats would kill us while we slept if we started any of that nonsense. They do not approve of us fostering dogs either, but it’s just the peeing on stuff we love level of annoyance, not shred our jugulars level.

I foster dogs for ACT V Rescue & Rehabilitation. I foster dogs because I want to help dogs who do not have homes find homes. I foster dogs for ACT V because I respect the way they do things.

I do not speak for ACT V. This is my personal blog, and in my personal life I happen to foster dogs, and sometimes I post about it. Sometimes I post about other things. You can ask me questions about the dogs or the rescue, but I can only give you my perspective on things. I cannot adopt out any of the dogs I foster. They all belong to ACT V.

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