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I’m A Winner!

Now that I feel a bit like Stuart Smalley, made all the more creepy by the fact he is my senator now…

A cool email arrived in my inbox today, letting me know that I won a 3 month subscription to an earrings of the month club.  The earrings are handcrafted by the lovely and talented woman who blogs at Honey & Ollie, and the prize was courtesy of a contest held by Simply Rebecca.

I’m really excited about the prize because I would have LOVED to have bought a subscription for myself, but am in $ saving mode right now, and could not justify treating myself to that at this time.

In other news, check out Zoie’s post featuring pictures that she took of Mindy.  In a way, it isn’t “other news” because, while the contest was decided by a random number generator, my comment which randomly won was about my newest friend, whom I met because of the fostering.

In other, other, news…

No, that really deserves its own post.

Apparently, along with being a winner, I am also a tease today.


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The Poo Blog

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have noticed that I talk about shit a lot.

I don’t have a fetish or anything, (and now I am horrified by the possible search terms that will lead people to this entry) but a large chunk of my mental and physical energy is taken up by these foster puppies, and crap features a lot in this matter.

So, as I last mentioned, there was magic powder and all the poo stopped.

This is kind of awesome, because at the height (the depth?) of the poofest, I was thinking that duct tape or a cork might be in order.

However, in reality, I understand that waste must exit the body as a part of general good health.  Two of the puppies were not doing their #2 business, and this was worrisome, both for health reasons, and for assplosive possibilities when it finally happened.

So, after 24 hours of lack of puppy bowel movements, I contacted the vet AGAIN.

The vet gave me some advice, which I was already aware of in general, but wasn’t sure if it was okay on such young puppies.  So, I followed that advice, and Webster began doing his doody, but Mindy was still a no go.

Which eventually led me to calling the vet again.

I’ve spoken with this poor vet every single day since the puppies arrived, and seen her most of those days. Yes, I do a lot of work for the rescue by caring for these puppies, but it is nothing compared to the time and energy she puts in. She is very busy, and yet I am talking to her damn near every day, mostly about SHIT.

So, I made her a bedtime story comic, because… Well, mostly because I am totally fucking delirious at this point.

Now, I’ll share it with you too.

And there you have it. I have lost my mind.

Time to go feed the puppies again, and hope for more puppy poop.

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Today I Showered

Yes. I admit it.  This is big news. I meant to shower yesterday, but I was too busy stumbling around and being incoherent and dealing with puppies. It was important that I do it too, because I was gross. I mean, really and truly.

See, I mostly smelled like soured formula and puppy poo. You know what is really strange? The puppies, who are the source of all this unpleasant smell, don’t actually smell bad themselves. They smell more like… cookies? I don’t know, they smell surprising sweet when they are not actively making one of the bad smells. The bad smells linger on me like… a bad lingering smell.

Alright, I didn’t only stumble around. I left the house, and ran some errands and whatnot. I even made a dinner for my family (and guests) that involved a couple of hearts, and I think somebody took food photos, but it wasn’t me. Then today there were two airport runs and grocery shopping.

Also, always, the acquisition of more newspapers. Newspapers are important around here. I almost regret reading all my news online for the past 7 years, because if I’d been getting and keeping the paper all those years, I might have enough stored up for these puppies to leak all over.

But mostly, in between very difficult moments of functionality, I’ve stumbled around incoherently. Because of all the tired.

I just finished making up 26 ounces of puppy formula. This will last me for 3 feedings (times 3 puppies) and then I’ll mix more formula. I can’t do it on auto-pilot either, I must think about it each time, as the recipe keeps changing based on their health needs. Because of all the poo.

Yesterday the vet came over and provided us with magic white powder. I put a little tiny bit of the powder into each puppy’s bottle last night. It made the horrific never-ending, onslaught of diarrhea stop. Yay!

Then, at some point, all the poo stopped. Now, I am stressed by the lack of poo. Are you kidding me? Ugh. So, I am now on poo watch and adjusting the formula yet again. Shit happens, and if it doesn’t, I’ll be calling the vet again tomorrow. The poor vet must be so sick of me and all my whining about poo. Too much poo! Not enough poo! Poo Poo POO!

I need to go to sleep. Soon I will be up again to feed the puppies and hopefully clean up some poo. I hope.

In related and awesome news, a photo I took of Mindy yesterday went mildly viral and has been viewed over 3000 times. Also, it made cuteoverload.

The puppies are adorable, and little glimpses of personality are starting to emerge. I am looking forward to getting to know them better in the coming weeks, and helping to match them to a forever home. I think they will all make wonderful pets.

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Fallen Princesses

I love this photo series.

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The Amazing Gift of Woo Lai Wah

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