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Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

We went to Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday, and walked past a display of Eggies. I paused and looked at them, because I get so frustrated peeliIng eggs.

I was deeply suspicious.

I didn’t buy any, but I did use Google to learn more.


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Wagging Tales

Things have been a little coney around here.

First, Watson got neutered. He was sentenced to a cone for two weeks.

One week later, it was time for Mindy to get spayed, and she was sentenced to a cone for two weeks.

Watson was released from his cone, for less than a week, when he injured his foot, and got reconed.

Mindy got deconed and had to wait for Watson to be free.

They finally got to play together again.

Then, Mindy hurt her side, and had to be reconed.

So, they are back to not being allowed to play with each other again. This is especially sad for us humans, because their playdates really help to burn puppy energy. The energy they instead use to destroy things, like, cones for instance.

Rather than tell you more boring things about my life, I shall instead link you to some of my favorite dog related stories.

Mostly, I am gathering them together so it is easier for me to find them again in the future, but hey, maybe you’ll enjoy them too.

Yeast Rolls

Sweet Potatoes

IQ Test

Dogs in Elk (retold in carvings)

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts

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