Last Darby Day

Today Darby goes home.

Darby was the last of my trio to attract the attention of an appropriate applicant. I was a little offended, because I sure thought she was adorable. At first she had no applicants at all, not even inappropriate ones. Luckily the phone eventually started ringing, and this past weekend she had a date and it went very well. Timing being what it is, she is the first to leave. Webster will leave on Saturday and Mindy on Sunday.

This family seems like a great match for Darby. They have another dog, which I thought was really important for Darby. They have a large fenced backyard. They had a dog in the past who caused a bit of trouble, so I know that even if she turns out to be as clever as I suspect she will (I warned them) they will be willing and able to deal with it. They even have a relative who is a vet, so they always have somebody to call for health advice.

Not only that, but they have also agreed to try taking in a foster! There was a dog that needed a place, and everyone was full.

So, I was really happy about it, right up until the phone conversation last night when I needed to schedule Darby’s pick-up time. At that point I just wanted to scream, “Mine. Mine! MINE!!”

I’m still happy about it. I know I don’t really want to keep her. We are not the right family for her. It’s just my life the past few weeks has been completely wrapped up in these puppies. They needed me desperately when they first got here, so I opened up and gave them everything they needed. They are now starting to get independent and really fun (and troublesome) and I just so want to see how they turn out. I am attached. It is a very different kind of attachment than I’ve felt to any of the other foster dogs, and different from my intense attachment to Bear. I suspect it is a watered down version of how I will feel when my daughter moves out. It is a proper and natural leaving of the nest, and I am glad Darby is ready. Except Darby will never come back to visit for Thanksgiving, and that makes me a little sniffly. Or maybe it is allergies.

  1. #1 by Stacy on March 9, 2011 - 12:59 PM

    What you are doing with the fosters is so needed, and SO difficult. I am in awe.

    • #2 by mstori on March 10, 2011 - 12:46 AM

      Thank you! It is difficult. It is very worth it too, not just because of the benefit to the dogs, but I know it helps me on a personal level.

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