Looking Back on 2010 – Bear

Bear moved in with us on December 31st, 2010, making him our New Year’s Eve foster, and the 8th foster dog we took in during our first year of fostering.

We actually met Bear on December 18th, his first day with the rescue.  He was badly injured, and they were doing his initial assessment and treatment at the vet clinic when I stopped by to get Laney and Corbin a check up.  The vet told me she had just been working on a chow mix who was a real mess.  Once the puppies had been looked at, I asked to meet the chow.  We went back to meet him.  He was a sad sight, but what a face.  I said, “Look at his bear face!” and was told, “They told me his name, but it was unpronounceable, and I took one look at him and put ‘Bear’ on the records.”

A couple of days later when I saw V over some puppy matters, she told me that she hoped we would foster Bear after the puppies had been adopted.

After Corbin left, I agreed to just try having Bear here for the holiday weekend, so he wasn’t stuck in the clinic.  If it worked, we’d just foster him, if it was too much trouble, we would wait until Laney was adopted.  It was too much trouble, but it always is the first day.  He is still here with us now too.


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