Looking Back on 2010 – Kira

When next V contacted me, it was about a small husky mix named Kira.  I’d met her previously while I was fostering Char, and I knew that I did not want to foster Kira, because I wanted to foster Kira.

She was just so pretty, and interesting looking, and my heart was is still aching from the hole left by our husky’s death.  Still, they needed a place for her so that they could take in another dog, and she was a better fit for our household than any of the other dogs were.  We need dogs that are not too rambunctious because of our own geriatric dog.

Kira had an injury to her foot, and needed to have a couple of toes amputated.  She was in foster care for an extended time while she healed from that amputation.  Then, they thought they had a home for her, but it ended up not working out as the prospective family was unwilling to submit to a home visit.

Kira came to stay with us.  She walked in our door and settled down comfortably on the dog bed in front of our fireplace.  She made herself at home.  She was trouble.  My daughter fell in love with her immediately.  My husband found it very comforting to glance over and see familiar coloring curled up and sleeping nearby.

I was not immune to this feeling of familiarity.  It was not a secret.  V even asked at one point if we were considering keeping her.  It was tempting, but it wasn’t the right thing to do.  Her prey drive way high and her keen interest in our cats meant that it would be ages if she ever became trustworthy around them, and quite frankly it might never happen.

Still, I will admit, it was very important to me that I knew she had found a good home.  At the time work was talking about sending us back to CA under short notice, kind of a pre-warning that we might be moving with no warning.  If they had sent us back, I’d have been strongly tempted to just keep her, so I knew for sure she had a home.  I am not sure I could have moved away without having it locked down.

But, they did not move us, and a couple came to meet her and it was very clear they would spoil her in just the way she’d love to be spoiled.  So, Kira left us, and my daughter cried.  Okay, to be honest, she cried when the two others left us too, but this was different crying.  This one was resentful of me letting Kira go.

So, we said goodbye to Kira and we had another family meeting about whether to go on with fostering.  We decided to still do it.  It is a good thing to do for the sake of the dogs.


She is doing very well in her home.  V says that she is totally spoiled.

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