Looking Back on 2010 – Char

When V next contacted me, she had a dog with a foster, but that foster was going on vacation.  The dog, Char, was going in for surgery and V was hoping she could recuperate with me instead of at the clinic.  It is much better for the mental health of the dog to be in a home, and obviously easier on the financial health of the rescue. Char was a puppy with a badly shattered leg, that had never been treated and a healed into a useless and painful appendage that could support no weight.  There was no way to help her regain the functionality of the leg, so they she had surgery to amputate it.  After getting to know Char better, I am pretty sure the original injury was from being hit by a car.

Char is amazing.  Really sweet and loving, and very playful.  When she first came to the house she was super stoned, and mellow, but she soon started to feel better and became a wriggling mass of boundless energy.  She was a bad match for Indy as Char desperately wanted to play, and was not at all respectful of Indy’s limits.  The main foster returned from vacation and Char left us, and I missed her, but it was good.  She was too much for our household.  We are kind of couch potato-y and she was extreme sport-y.

But, she is one of the wounds in our fostering so far.  The right family hasn’t found her yet.  This makes me so sad.  We’ve visited her a couple of times and she is overjoyed to see us.  She clearly remember us.  She is such a great dog and it makes me so sad that she doesn’t have a permanent home, especially after all she has been through.

I think the problem has been that people who want an active dog, think that a three-legged dog won’t be able to keep up.  People who are open to a three-legged dog, are thinking they like the idea of a calm, lay by the fire, disabled dog.  This dog is play fetch for hours and go go go.

She is gorgeous.  I am sure the right family is out there for her.  I really hope they find her.

Char on Petfinder.  Help find Char’s people!

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