“I’ll beat any quote you get by $50”

I like a bargain.

I don’t like to bargain.

When I get a quote I want it to be a fair price for the company to do whatever it is they are supposed to do. A price at which they can do the job correctly and make a profit that allows them to stay in business. I do not want them to quote a bit higher than that because some people will pay that rate and subsidize jobs they do for lower because they will beat any quote. I don’t want them to quote lower so I say yes, and then tack on extra charges later.

So, they tell me they will beat any lower quote by $50, and yes, I want my $50. I do. Still, I’d rather give my business to the company I simply decide is best for the job, and a part of that is feeling really good about the way they handle their quotes.

Every company cannot bid at the same price. Different sized companies operate with different margins. New trucks, versus old trucks. An office versus another family member taking calls at home. I take take many things into account when I am weighing quotes.

I just don’t get a good feeling off of being told that they will beat any quote.

I want to be told a price and then decide whether or not it is worth it for me to pay it. I don’t want to play games.

Many people enjoy bargaining. They love it. They feel good about it and don’t want to take a deal unless they’ve talked them down X%. I know that there are people like that, and that some companies respond by making their first quote X% higher to factor in needing to bargain.

I just don’t like that, and really don’t want to feed into that way of doing business.
Still, I would like to keep my extra $50. So, it just all leaves me feeling annoyed and tired, and rather pissed off.

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