Dear Everyone (but this week it is dedicated to real estate “professionals”),

I really think that it would be best if you did not send out business emails in ALL CAPS.

I think that this is true in general.

When you are responding to an emailed inquiry from me, you even have a nice little clue that I feel this way. Look at the message I sent to you. If you bothered to pay attention you could notice that it is not in ALL CAPS. (it is also not in all lowercase with no punctuation at all whatsoever and i occasionally use spelchck and did not refer to anyone as “loozers” in my email)

When you reply to me in ALL CAPS, it does not get me more excited about your property, nor does it raise my confidence in your abilities. It actually makes me want to come find you in person to break your keyboard over your head then hit you repeatedly with the broken pieces, and that is saying a lot, because I’d really rather do everything via the internet.



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